$INFTEE token presale on May 15th 00:00 UTC

How to participate with presale

Presale Information

    Price: 0.00015 $BNB / 1 $INFTEE (approx.)
    Total Sale: 10,000,000 $INFTEE
    Start Date: May 15th 00:00 UTC
    End Date: May 22th 00:00 UTC
    Maximum Purchase per Address: 10 $BNB
    Distribution Date: May 22th 00:00 UTC (Claim on
    Support Wallet: MetaMask
    First come, first serve.
    After presale end, All INFTEE left on InfiniteeCrowdSale will burn forever

How to

1.Enter the presale page and wait for the start time.
2.After start time, Enter $BNB purchase amount, and the system will show you how much you will get $INFTEE on the distribution date.
    You can't enter $BNB purchase amount more than the maximum purchase per address.
    Presale Left shows how much token left on presale.
3.Confirm the transaction via MetaMask Wallet.
4.After presale end (May 22th 00:00 UTC) You can claim $INFTEE on
Thank you to everyone who participates in our presale event, All of the funds will be used for the Infinitee Platform as a roadmap showing.
Stay tuned for the next step 🌕🚀
Last modified 5mo ago