$INFTEE token presale on May 15th 00:00 UTC

How to participate with presale

Presale Information

  • Price: 0.00015 $BNB / 1 $INFTEE (approx.)
  • Total Sale: 10,000,000 $INFTEE
  • Start Date: May 15th 00:00 UTC
  • End Date: May 22th 00:00 UTC
  • Maximum Purchase per Address: 10 $BNB
  • Distribution Date: May 22th 00:00 UTC (Claim on
  • Support Wallet: MetaMask
  • First come, first serve.
  • After presale end, All INFTEE left on InfiniteeCrowdSale will burn forever

How to

1.Enter the presale page and wait for the start time.
2.After start time, Enter $BNB purchase amount, and the system will show you how much you will get $INFTEE on the distribution date.
  • You can't enter $BNB purchase amount more than the maximum purchase per address.
  • Presale Left shows how much token left on presale.
3.Confirm the transaction via MetaMask Wallet.
4.After presale end (May 22th 00:00 UTC) You can claim $INFTEE on
Thank you to everyone who participates in our presale event, All of the funds will be used for the Infinitee Platform as a roadmap showing.
Stay tuned for the next step 🌕🚀
Last modified 2yr ago