Yield Farming & Staking

Stake your assets and earn $INFTEE ∞

Welcome Farmers 👨‍🌾

Stake your Pancakeswap LP Tokens 🪙 on farms and earn $INFTEE in return while still earn trading fees from Pancakeswap.

Current block rewards: 5 $INFTEE per block

Yield Farming

Infinitee Farms have two mechanisms to protect the $INFTEE price from who farm and sell the $INFTEE.

Harvest Lockup - Every farming pools have a harvest lockup delay For example, the harvest lockup of the INFTEE-BUSD farm is 2 hours. It means that farmers who stake in the INFTEE-BUSD farm can only harvest (claim INFTEE rewards) every 2 hours.

Deposit Fee - When users deposit into farming pools (excludes every $INFTEE pools) a 2% deposit fee will be charged.

  • Deposit fees will be used for $INFTEE platform and users like buyback, fees distribution, platform cost, treasury, funds

  • For the first phase, all of the action for collected deposit fees will be manual by Infinitee Finance and protect the fees by Timelock contract.

Live Pools


    • 40x | Harvest Lockup 2 Hours | Deposit Fee 0%


    • 35x | Harvest Lockup 2 Hours | Deposit Fee 0%


    • 0x | Harvest Lockup 8 Hours | Deposit Fee 2%


    • 0x | Harvest Lockup 8 Hours | Deposit Fee 2%

$INFTEE Staking

You can earn more $INFTEE by staking yours ∞, You can get $INFTEE by deposit on Yield Farming LP Pools or buy from Pancakeswap.


    • 10x | Harvest Lockup 4 Hours | Deposit Fee 0%

Let's go get ∞ $INFTEE https://infinitee.finance/farms 🌟

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