Vision & Roadmap

What is our goals, what we gonna build for De-Fi space 🚀


"Provide people the way to maximize their wealth in easy ways"
Vision should be short and easily understand right? 😎



  • website launch
  • Initial public allocation distribution
  • $INFTEE Liquidity Mining Pools
  • Launch Infinitee Wheel
  • Launch Vaults with auto-compounding and auto-collect tokens (INFTEE, BTC, ETH, BUSD)
  • Yield Farming with Vault's Token
  • Complete Audits with Inspex (Audit Report)
  • Complete Audits with Certik (Audit Report)
  • Improve Vaults frontend speed performance
  • Infinitee Autonomous Strategy
  • Infinitee NFT
  • Auto-compound Infinitee farm


  • Infinitee Stablecoin with Collateral Vault
  • NFT Usecases (Reduce fees, Collection, Fee distribution, etc.)
  • Add mechanisms like buyback and many more burn mechanisms to make $INFTEE long-term deflationary
  • Partner with more projects to expand Infinitee protocol
  • Expand to other blockchains (Layer 2 is our new main target)
This roadmap was updated in August 2021.
Some features have been changed like integrate with lending platform to Stablecoin and NFT.
After Vaults launched, we got a lot of feedback from our community, and as we can see from DeFi trend, it shows us that use cases of NFT and Decentralized stable coin have a lot of potentials. Base on these facts, we decide to change feature to follow the trends.
This list might not be 100% perfect or some bullet might change in the future but it shows you the shape of Infinitee protocol and its bright future 🌟