How to buy INFT Box?

The INFT "Infinitee: The Beyond" series

Ticker: INFT (Infinitee NFT)
Contract Address:
Chain: Binance Smart Chain
Supply Limited: 300 NFT
Now that we've enabled stake INFTEE to earn ITICKET, it's time to buy NFT Box for our exclusive version of INFT.
NFT Box Price: 1 NFT Box / 300 $ITICKET, 1 NFT Box / 80,000 $INFTEE First step go to page:
You can buy an nft box by clicking on the buy box button, or you may also click on the "Use 80,000 INFTEE" button if you wish to use INFTEE to purchase.
Then a popup will prompt you to confirm the transaction as usual (at this stage there will be an NFT claim gas fee).
Upon successful confirmation of the transaction, you will receive an INFT Card.
You got NFT Card!
You can see our other nft collections on the collectibles page.
our special NFT cards on this limited event!!
Our INFT card is limited to 300 cards, you can trade on any supported marketplace on binance smart chain.
Please stay tuned for our new features. 🙏