Infinitee NFT

What is INFT ?

INFT (Infinitee Non-Fungible Token) is cryptographically generated sets of unique, rare, immutable. Each series of INFT is limited, with a fixed face value in INFT, can be collected in wallet, staked in INFT mining, or traded in the marketplace.
Ticker: INFT
Contract Address:
Chain: Binance Smart Chain
The introduction of INFT will play an important role to our ecosystem expansion to have more variety and attractive. With current strong trend of NFT and its abilities, they will push us to create plenty of new imaginations and inventions.
The first series of INFT, called "Infinitee: The Beyond", will possess below abilities.
* Fee Reduction : Vault performance fee reduction
* And many more to come in future

The INFT "Infinitee: The Beyond" series

will have limited quantity of 300 cards, which can divide into 4 level by rarity and ability.
* SSR 1 Card (Drop rate 0.33%)
* SR 14 Cards (Drop rate 4.67%)
* R 60 Cards (Drop rate 20%)
* N 225 Cards (Drop rate 75%)

How can I get an INFT?

Use Tickets to exchange INFT Box, or directly buy INFT Box, using INFTEE, at our website

How to get tickets?

You can stake INFTEE, INFTEE-BUSD LP or INFTEE-BNB LP at pool "Ticket" to receive Tickets.
There will be a deposit fee
* Deposit fee 0.1% for INFTEE-BNB LP / INFTEE-BUSD LP
* Deposit fee 1% for INFTEE
* BNB and BUSD from LP deposit fee will be used for buyback INFTEE and burn all to reduce circulation supply