Infinitee Vaults


Infinitee Finance vaults focus on periodically collect yield farming tokens and change to the user's selected token (INFTEE, BTC, ETH, BUSD at this moment).

And find the strategy that works best (Auto find on phase2) for a selected token to make another yield farming but on the collected assets, so like the compound effect but we compound on collected assets instead 💸

So our unique key features are:

  • Flexible Reward Token - you can choose which token you want to collect as a reward token and we apply DCA (Dollar Cost Average) here so we can ignore the price by periodically change from farm token into the collect token

  • Auto Compound - with our bot you can sit and watch the maximum return by periodically compound the collect token in farming pools

  • $INFTEE rewards - we also give you $INFTEE token as an additional reward so you get $INFTEE + Collect Token = DOUBLE EARNING 🚀

  1. Choose the pool and click deposite.

2. Select your a reward do you need, Then Deposit amount your LP an approve and deposit.

For Example, Select a reward is BUSD will recieve vBUSD.

Gas Limit 0.01BNB (It's approximate maximum only)

3. When deposit vault is done, then you will recieve vLP in wallet.

And next step go to Farm Vault

4. Your must select the pool type to match the vLP.

(For Example, must a choose is vBUSD Pool)

5. Then approve and stake vLP

6. When stake vLP is done, you will recieve a reward is INFTEE Token and you can stake INFTEE Token to get BTCB, BUSD, BETH

7. You can stake INFTEE Token to get BTCB, BUSD, BETH on the page farm.


  • Before Unstake your LP in vault, You must unstake vLP.

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