Infinitee Finance

The first optimized yield farming strategy for HODLERs 💸


In the middle of De-Fi booming. Yield Farming and Liquidity Mining have taken the most space.
Generally, they (platforms like Pancake Swap, Venus, and more) make participants earn by distributing their's tokens in return when using the platform.
And yeah it makes us a great APY ❤️.
But if participants don't want to collect those tokens in the long term? or they just want to exchange farming tokens into a sort of "Long-term token" like Bitcoin, ETH, or any token that they want to accumulate?

Here comes the Infinitee Finance ∞

Infinitee helps you make the most benefits you can get from these key features 👇

Sell Farm Token and Collect Long-term Token

Infinitee Finance automatically sells farm token and buys your selected token (BTC, ETH, or any token that support) with optimal times to make sure you always get the best average entry price (concept like DCA).
So you get the valuable assets (that you choose by yourself!) as a reward along with $INFTEE token in addition.

Vault Strategy

As you know, in the world of De-Fi now we have many platforms that can give us a good return. But how can you know you get the best thing in this very fast innovation world!?
Infinitee Finance can take care of it for you, We find a platform that more valuable to yield farming or staking with little to no risk (your assets is our top priority ☝) and autonomous change to the best strategy with *Infinitee Autonomous Strategy algorithm 💪
Infinitee Autonomous Strategy is done via AdminUpgradableProxy contract but you can decide to go with manual or autonomous 🤖
*Infinitee Autonomous Algorithm will schedule to release in phase2.

Auto Compound

Infinitee Finance maximizes yield returns on your asset by a vault strategy and compounding these an optimal number of times per day on your selected reward token.
An easy example is:
  • Assume Farm reward APR = 200%
  • We collect farm reward and sell the reward an optimal number of times per day (in this example once per day)
  • We compound by deposit reward that we just sold into farm again
  • The result is fascinating from return 200%635% boom! compound effects 💰

Benefits for $INFTEE Holders

We aim to be the long-term Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with governance and protocol fees spread across all the holders.

Time-lock Contract

use timelock in contracts that need to prevent the rug pulls. Your concern is our top priority 💛
In short, Infinitee Finance aims to give benefits for users and holders in long-term from:
  • Autonomous collect long-term token for you
  • Find the best strategy, maximizing the return from assets
  • Auto compound
  • Benefits for holders for long-term